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Road & Roof UV reflection
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UV reflection prevents overheating


KlimaBond-Road SR (sun-reflective) reflects heat in the same wavelength as incident sunlight. These reflected wavelengths are not absorbed by atmospheric gases and thus reduce the greenhouse gas effect. The CO2 heat load can also be neutralised beyond the coated surface.
Uncoated or dark/"black" asphalt surfaces absorb solar radiation and reflect it at a different wavelength than uncoated surfaces. Asphalt surfaces treated with solar reflective products are significantly cooler and can reduce the ambient temperature by 6-13° C. Asphalt coatings cool asphalt surfaces and protect them from UV-induced ageing and oxidation.

Asphaltfarbe UV-Reflektierend
CreaTint SR

CreaTint SR is a specially formulated pigment that must be mixed into the Creabond Streetcoat base component for applications on asphalt surfaces to reflect the heat of incident sunlight.

Currently available colours
CreaBond SR Shades
Standardisation organisation
TerraCotta SR
C 1549-09
36,2 %
Evergreen SR
C 1549-09
45,6 %
Fawn SR
C 1549-09
49,3 %
Moss SR
C 1549-09
49,7 %
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