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Offset CO2 warming - Switch off the air conditioner

KlimaBond ROOF is a highly effective and at the same time simple application option to protect the roof and reduce energy consumption through air conditioning. KlimaBond ROOF is a high-quality and permanently flexible roof coating that reflects approx. 80 % of direct solar radiation and thus effectively prevents buildings and other objects from heating up in an energy-saving manner. Not only the light base colour of the material, but above all the high-quality fillers and aggregates lead to a reduction of the roof temperature by up to 40 °C and thus ensure cooler interior temperatures and savings in air conditioning costs.
Black bitumen roofing membranes have an albedo of 0.05. The sun has a thermal output of up to 1,000 watts per square metre. This means that up to 50 watts/m² are reflected and up to 950 watts/m² heat the roof. This heat is stored. KlimaBond reflects up to 800 watts/m².
The CO2 heating is 2 watts per square metre. If a roof is coated with KlimaBond, up to 400 m² of CO2 heat load is offset per square metre of white paint.
This counteracts the shrinking of glaciers and ice surfaces and cools the cities.

Reduce indoor temperatures with special roof coating
Roofs coated with KlimaBond ROOF heat up a maximum of 2 to 4°C above the respective outside temperature. Another advantage for roofs with solar modules, these have reduced production and efficiency levels when exposed to high heat and produce less energy. KlimaBond ROOF increases the production of these modules even at high temperatures due to its exorbitantly reflective properties.

In times of rising temperatures and energy prices, and with increasing awareness of climate issues, KlimaBond ROOF is an ideal solution for coating a wide variety of surfaces that need to be protected from heating by sunlight - bituminised roofing membranes, metals, plastics, wood, stone, concrete, tiles, etc.

weisse Dächer sind eine natürliche Klimaanlage
Photocatalytically active fillers promote active degradation of pollutants from the ambient air (nitrogen oxides, volatile organic compounds).

In addition to the reflective and cooling effect, KlimaBond ROOF also extends the lifetime of your roof. The highly elastic consistency of KlimaBond ROOF closes hairline cracks, protects your roofing membranes against material fatigue and ageing due to UV radiation, and at the same time seals still fragile areas such as glued and welded seams to protect them from cracking due to thermal expansion as well as water ingress.

KlimaBond ROOF is water-based and therefore environmentally friendly, recyclable and does not cause dangerous outgassing due to intense heat and solar radiation.
KlimaBond ROOF can be applied without great effort and preparation by roller or airless method.

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