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Road & Roof UV reflection
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Air-conditioning cities with KlimaPhalt
"At these high temperatures, the road surface in particular heats up considerably. In Offenbach, a road is now being built with a completely new type of asphalt: It stores water and provides a cooling effect when it evaporates."
"The road builder Lutz Weiler has developed a road surface that absorbs water and allows it to evaporate again. The pavement is also lighter than usual, so it reflects more sunlight and stays cooler."
This is how it works!
KlimaPhalt - modern road construction - close to nature, like a field!
KlimaPhalt is not just a light-coloured wearing course, KlimaPhalt is currently being developed to provide a system for the modern urban road that will lead to the lowering of temperatures in cities.

The essential features are:

  • - reflects UV rays
    - water-permeable
    - water-retaining
    - produces evaporative cooling
    - reduces noise
    - filters microplastic
    - relieves the sewage system
    - reduces flooding

Schichtenaufbau KlimaPhalt
  • 2 cm sunlight-reflecting, water-permeable top layer CreaPhalt

  • 10 cm - 20 cm (depending on future loads) bituminous, water-permeable base layer

  • Unbound, water-permeable base course (2-32 mm) in which the voids are filles with water-storing materials (perlites). During dry periods, the stored rainwater is released again, resulting in evaporative cooling and cooling of the surrounding area.

  • Fleece as a microplastic filter
Our cities are getting hotter and hotter!
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